About the artist

Leah A. Valle is from Davao City, Philippines and her main medium is photography.

She has a background in cultural work, with over ten years of experience in community engagement.

Leah has exhibited her work and independently curated other artists’ works in various locations around the world, including the Philippines, Hong Kong, Morocco, France, the USA, and Bahrain.

She holds a degree in Philosophy from Ateneo de Davao University and a Masters in Arts in Photography from Savannah College of Arts and Design.

She started Rm. 74 in 2016, an alternative creative incubator in Davao City. The space hosted monthly screenings, exhibitions, workshops, barter talks, and other collaborative projects designed to serve communities that have limited access to art and photography. Now, she calls it Roaming 74 as the incubator travels with her, providing a platform for artists and collectives regardless of their location.

She is currently busy learning paper restoration and basic archiving.