Marawi Ground Zero

…of collective memory, the imprints of war, and the displacement of Maranao residents.

#MarawiSeige (May 23, 2017-October 24, 2017)
77,000 families displaced. 24 barangays destroyed.

This photo was taken on May 24, 2019 —Marawi Seige’s 2nd year anniversary.

The most affected area (MAA) in Marawi is still closed to the public. Homeowners are still displaced, some still living in tents until now. Houses, looted and vandalized, lay empty with a handful armed soldiers occupying some of it. Mosques lay in ruins. Barricades are up, checkpoints are in every corner, and civilians are not to loiter let alone go down their vehicles when they pass by. You can’t enter ground zero on foot either.

The Philippine government, even after two years, has yet to fulfill their promise of rehabilitation.

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