Not A Bakery

Not A Bakery is an ethnographic series on Bontoc and their culture of meat. While the north is known for its breathtaking rice terraces and head-hunting practices, it is also known for its unique and delicious meat dishes. The local vendors in Bontoc still posses an extensive knowledge of traditionally preparing “innasin” – delectable salted pork that is a staple in the region. It should be noted that innasin should not be confused with “etag”, another popular meat dish in the area that uses different types of meat such as beef, deer, carabao, and more.

During the 17th Lang-ay Festival (and 57th Founding Anniversary), a week-long summertime festivity to solidify unity amongst tribal communities and to promote their culture and heritage.

Bontoc, capital of Mountain Province, is located in the northern part of the Philippines, 5-6 hour drive from Baguio City. Bontoc — “bun” (heap) and “tuk” (top) means mountains. They are known for their stonewalled rice terracing and intricate canal irrigation.