Photographing Mindanao

Talaingod Evacuees

Around 1000 Lumad / indigenous people evacuated Talaingod last April 2, 2014 due to intense militarization. Bearing only what they can carry on their backs, they walked from the mountains for three days to reach Davao city to seek refuge.

Until now, this group is still displaced.

In memory of Jabidah Massacre.

In 1968, more than 20 moro youth were recruited and trained in Corregidor to become combatants. The Marcos Regime had plans of conquering Sabah. This Operation was called Operation Merdeka. When these young recruits learned they will be fighting their brother muslims, they refused to fight. To silence the unrest, The Armed Forces of the Philippines killed all the trainees. There was only one survivor to tell the tale.

Widows of Mamasapano
Published in Rappler

MAGUINDANAO, Philippines – She is young, only at least 19 years old. With two mouths to feed, Sarah Langalen, in her frail frame looked at me with helpless eyes. As she fidgeted, it became apparent that sleep has now become a luxury. 

Her children are not in school. In fact, only 100 out of the 600 public school students attend class…