Fractal Art

Fractal images exist as electronic images and are often regarded as “computerized art”.  In fractal image making, mathematics play a great role in determining shapes and patterns where calculations are mainly executed by the computer.  In traditionally printing fractal images in the darkroom, I wish to highlight the human input that is often overlooked and dismissed in fractal art making.

Untitled 1 (1 of 3, 2 sold), 8in x 10in.

A computer will endlessly create patterns and images but it is one part of available tools, just as a camera is part of a process in creating photographs.  The creative skill of an artist is valuable in creating this type of art.  One might argue that digitally calculating an image is very accessible and easy but it has been proven again and again how equal access and opportunity yield varying qualities of results.  The mappings, calculation assemblies, and point control all require human input and skill.

To combine the heavily involved analog world, dependent on artist input with the removed and automatic digital world, is to have the best of both.  Printing these digital images using the traditional chemical process of film photo printing removes this “mass-produced” feel of the image transforming it to a unique handmade print.


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