Bangan Art Space

an enlightening film that shows how BUDOTS is not just street music. It is grassroots music that evolved into a culture of its own. Budots, as the film will show you, is not just beats but a compilation of sounds and rhythms found in the community of it’s maker. It is not cheap. This perception is class based. It’s movements were a mash of our own indigenous dances + the youth’s improvisations. But because most of the dances were done in the street and not in the posh side of town, it is being dismissed as inappropriate– even tagging the women dancing to it as whores or low-level prostitutes and its dancers as drug users. Thus the birth of the group slogan’s “YES TO DANCE, NO TO DRUGS”.

This music was intentionally created for the community to enjoy and how it went viral shows how it did not fall short from it’s maker’s objective. Tv networks and political figures are using it to connect to the masses and has amassed popularity and profit for their own gains. Not only did they no ask permission, they ignored Dj Lav’s requests to be credited and properly compensated. 

All, during the post discussion, agreed, that Budots needs to be anthropoligally discussed.

Visited Bangan Art Space as part of Cinema Rehiyon’s Roadshow. Bangan Art Space is an alternative creative space by visual artist Mideo Cruz and his wife, performance artist Racquel Cruz. It is located in Nueva Ecija.

Set Designer Anj Estrella. She recently received an award for her set design work at the 20th Mindanao Film Festival.

Noah and Uma


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