Category: Gallery

  • Rossi Rossi & Spring Workshop| HK Art Basel 2015

    Gallery hopping during the HK Art Basel with these cool kids. Spring Workshop, Aberdeen

  • HK Art Basel 2015

    Some favorite artworks from the basel in HK…and this Korean artist who made this cute taxidermy of a deer behind! I want it so much but I have no money to bring it home.  Such a sad life. Sidd Perez x Arnel Agawin, ArtInformal I should be ashamed because I…

  • Philippine Contemporary Art Fair

    Went with Mitchie, Chato, Cree, and Ronald to the Phil. Art Fair in Makati.

  • Silver and Ink

    Amazing  fellow SCAD artists at MINT Gallery during HK Silver and Ink Opening

  • Mariyah Gallery

    During that crazy Dumaguete trip.

  • Preparing for Vernissage

    Busy week, printing, matting, framing, and hanging works! t e s t p r i n t w h e w !   a l l   f r a m e d   a n d   u p   o n   t h e   w a…

  • Collection Lambert

    Avignon was a treat.  Collection Lambert made it extra special.  Different works from Nan Goldin to Jeanne Moreau and other great artists’ works are available for viewing. exquisite images of Nan Goldin

  • HK Art Basel 2013

    HK Art Basel, the biggest Art fair in Hong Kong is a pain in the ass to view because of it’s long list of gallery booths.  Cool show though but the coolest thing was that I was able to hang out with these three guys. T o o   m…