Preparing for Vernissage

November 18th, 2012

Busy week, printing, matting, framing, and hanging works!


t e s t p r i n t


w h e w !   a l l   f r a m e d   a n d   u p   o n   t h e   w a l l ,   s a l o n   s t y l e .


t a k i n g  a   b r e a k  a t  M a i s o n  B a s s e

59635_277645619023270_935852112_n 391605_277650702356095_395773834_n487375_277641059023726_965481780_n

w e   a r e   n o w   p r e t t y   a n d   r e a d y !


post-vernissage in front of our favorite little store in Lacoste


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