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  • Languedoc’s Roman City – Nîmes + Pont du Gard

    L e s  A r è n e s .with two stories of vaulted arches, Les Arènes is one of the most intact amphitheatres in the world today with a seating capacity of 20,000 over 34 tiers — sorry no gladiators here, only used for bull fights, pop concerts and…

  • Silver and Ink

    Amazing  fellow SCAD artists at MINT Gallery during HK Silver and Ink Opening

  • Preparing for Vernissage

    Busy week, printing, matting, framing, and hanging works! t e s t p r i n t w h e w !   a l l   f r a m e d   a n d   u p   o n   t h e   w a…

  • Collection Lambert

    Avignon was a treat.  Collection Lambert made it extra special.  Different works from Nan Goldin to Jeanne Moreau and other great artists’ works are available for viewing. exquisite images of Nan Goldin

  • Macau

    Everytime Hong Kong becomes too crowded for me, I cruise to Macau for a breath of fresh air.It’s 45min away from Hong Kong and ferries run 24 hours.

  • Pottery Making in Batrang

     Cellphone snaps during a quick visit to Batrang, Vietnam.

  • Paying Focus and Attention

    Creative people must learn to Pay attention while creating a focus. Collect ideas everywhere you can. Take notes and review them. Paying attention is crucial in generating ideas.The pilot slang term for that, according to Micheal Michalko, is getting tone.  When a fighter pilot says “I’ve got tone” it means…

  • Maximizing light with Lito Sy

    Camera Club of Davao recently organized a workshop by Lito Sy in Gap Farm last Feb 5, 2010 where more than twenty photographers, including myself, were invited to attend. In this workshop, he shared the basic behavior and characteristics of light and how to control it in when doing a portraiture.