TARP of Hope


Recently some parts of the Philippines, particularly Mindanao, have been devastated by a Typhoon so strong that it didn’t fit into PAGASA’s standard Typhoon Intensity Grading.

In the desire to help our fellow Filipinos, a team of 6 volunteers form TZU CHI Zamboanga went to the communities Davao Oriental: Cate-el Kinablangan, Ban-ao, which are two of the many communities so remote that quick response initiatives have not yet reached because of the overwhelming burden in nearer communities. On the 14th day of December, 2012, the team witnessed the devastation. Everything was wiped out “literally”. There are no words that can describe the gravity of devastation.

Of most concern are the children who have no shelter, left under the mercy of the ravages of nature: weather with erratic rain and oppresive sun. Imagine the children being wet from the rain then baked under the sun after a few hours. Imagine the horror of living under these conditions at night.

We felt the urgent need to create makeshift houses to shelter the victims while shelter and infrastructure reconstruction arrives.

Thus this advocacy was conceptualized in response to this need; a group that will spearhead the collection of tarpaulins and its mobilization to these communities to be utilized as shelters/tents, temporary roofing for both residences and classroom.

This is an earth friendly way to recycle your used tarps, clear your warehouses and save lives. There may be tarps and canvas you or your company are no longer using. We can use them in ways which will help provide shelter for literally thousands of men, women and children. God bless you all and thank you in advance for your generosity in this time of dire necessity.

Dr. Anton Mari H. Lim, DVM
Tzu Chi Foundation, Philippines

 Drop off points in Manila and Davao City



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